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Fly with Jesus

Fly with Jesus

“We love because He first loved us.”

FLY with Jesus is a call to all Christians to become First Love Yearners (FLY).

Here are some resources to help you as you FLY with Jesus one hour a week.

  • Link to 24/7 Prayer Room (IHOP)
  • Link to videos on developing intimacy with Christ
  • Link to posting your questions (anonymous) on Flying with Jesus
  • Link to sending your prayer needs related to Flying with Jesus
  • Link to writing your testimonies of Flying with Jesus

We persuade Christians

to be alert for the Martha Spirit in them (being busy with many things) and choose the One Thing that Mary was commended for and King David was seeking for: namely, to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of his life and to seek Him (not his blessings) by sitting at the feet of Jesus, beholding his beauty and listening to his words.

We urge Christians

1) to be Convinced of the importance of this One Thing

2) to Commit one hour per week to sit in His presence as a couple or a family and learn

3) to Communicate with Jesus (sharing your problems and hearing His voice).

We believe Christians

who heed this call will truly understand and experience the love of Christ and such knowledge of his love, as Paul says, surpasses all other knowledge in this world. This is because knowing that Christ loves you with all of his heart, mind, soul and strength will make you see Jesus, others and yourself in a whole different angle and make Joy of the Lord your strength.

Do you know that Jesus loves you with all of his heart?

Jesus delights to see you and spend time with you and is eagerly waiting for you.

Do you know that Jesus loves you with all of his mind?

Jesus is always thinking about you and is willing to use all his mind power to seek solutions to your problems in line with His Father’s will.

Do you know that Jesus loves you with all of his soul?

Jesus is sad when you are sad and glad when you are glad because His soul is one with you.

Do you know that Jesus loves you with all of his strength?

Jesus wants to use all of his power to help you face your problems and fulfil your call.

We are convinced that

Knowing how Jesus loves you will transform your innermost being and will make you want to fulfil the Great Commandment (love God and others) and Great Commission (Making disciples of all nations) and bring glory to God.

May God help you FLY with Jesus like an Eagle!