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Christ-Centered Leaders

A Christ-centered leader is one who is guided in life by the Spirit and teachings of Jesus Christ. Like Christ himself, the Christ-centered leader has passion for the glory of God and compassion for the needs of the people.

School of Christ-Centered Leadership (Sat 11 am-1 pm) The School of Christ-Centered leadership is sponsored by BASIC (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) All Nations, a student organization at Syracuse University. Through this school, HOD seeks to raise-up Christ-centered Leaders by mentoring interested students through 7 specific steps. By completing the 7 steps which includes the mentoring of another through the 7 steps, students can obtain a certificate in Christ-centered Leadership from BASIC ALL Nations at Syracuse University.

Seven Steps to becoming a Christ-Centered Leader

1. Researching Christ

2. Reuniting with Christ

3. Responding to Christ

4. Rooting in Christ

5. Releasing Christ

6. Representing Christ

7. Reproducing Christ